HELP! Arduino ERROR "programmer is not respon

My arduino board which was recently bought seems to not be working. I can't burn anything on it. When i try to upload a program it says problem uploading to board then underneath it says "programmer not responding." I have tried running on windows mac nothing redownloading software reinstalling driver. I believe it has to do with the software. What do I do?..... :-? Please help me and no it does not stink or burn i mean it smells like PCB. Power light works fine my driver works fine USB cord was purchased seperatly from a printer manufacturer. just displays "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

  • did you install the FTDI drivers (assuming you’re on windows or MAC) ?
  • if so, do you see a new com port in the device manager when you plug in the arduino ?
  • did you select the com port in the arduino software (tools → serial port) ?
  • did you select the correct board type (tools → board) ?
  • does the power led light up when you connect the board ?
  • does any part of the board get unusually warm or hot to the touch ?
  • does it stink or “hiss, crackle, pop” ?

please provide more (hopefully conclusive) information to get help.