[Help] Arduino + IR detector + remote

Hello, I just bought an arduino duemilinove with atmega 328. Well I was amused with the led demo for 10 minutes until my eyes started to hurt because of the bright led ;D So I figured out that its time to make something more serious. What I want to do is to make arduino respond to my tv remote. I had no luck finding a library that would do that (I found some but they are somehow incompatible with my remote) my remote model is samsung 00198F (cant post a link because its my first post, but just type it in google and it will show up) and what I would like to know is how do I decode these signals sent by the remote ? ::)

Any help is appreciated ;)

You'll probably need a detector (TSOP2438 or similar) that does the demodulation for you (the IR pulses are usually modulated at around 38-40kHz), after that, you need to capture some pulse trains and try to make sense of them.

Could I use a simple IR detector ? Like this one http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=241 ? Because I don't want to buy another IR detector. (and wait like another month untill it ships (or to pay extra money for an expedited shipment))

I wrote some code to interface with a Sony remote control;


There may well be better documented code around.

I use a 38 kHz receiver. GP1UV701QS0F

This is available at http://www.mouser.com

or if you send me mail at pha(at)phanderson.com, I will send you a couple.

Peter Anderson