HELP: Arduino Robot Motor core accidentally overriden

Emmm..I got a Arduino Robot for my birthday and now I have trashed it =( =(. I am supposedly to plug the USB cord to the top port, but I accidentally plugged it to the bottom port. I'm really new (know nothing) on Arduino. I'm trying to upload Robot_Motor_Core from File/Example/Robot_Motor, but the program does not even compile. The error message is as follow:

/Applications/ In member function 'void RobotMotorBoard::_refreshMotorAdjustment()':

/Applications/ error: 'TRIM' was not declared in this scope

Now I am just panicking because even the Robot_IR_Array_Test does not even compile as well. The error message is here:

Robot_IR_Array_Test.ino: In function 'void loop()':

Robot_IR_Array_Test:22: error: 'class RobotMotorBoard' has no member named 'readIR'

Any advice???? How to set the Arduino robot back to default??

The help doc link is here:

but the program does not even compile.

If the code will not compile, then you may have a code/library issue (to just compile in the IDE, the arduino does not have to be connected to the computer). Disconnect the arduino and in the IDE go to sketch > verify/compile and see if the code will compile.

No it failed at verifying step.

Check you have the right board selected.

Did anything ever work as expected with the robot? If not, then you probably need to start over again with the information in the link you provided to make sure the hardware is properly assembled. The info in the link has some very detailed instructions for trouble shooting the robot that you should perform. I can't see plugging the USB cable in the wrong jack causing any real damage.


Did you manage to fix the problem? If not do get in touch. I've also got a robot and should be able to help out.

Just to let you know, I get exactly the same errors as you do when I try to recompile the motor core software...