HELP! Brushless DC motor stopped working

Hello! I’m using a 3 cell lipo battery 11.1V 2350 mAhwith a 30A ESC. 2400 kv rating motor. I accidentally wrote on my code ESC.write(350) instead of 35. Afterwards, the motor hasn’t worked. It still beeps the same as ever, same arming sequence, but motor doesn’t work. My setup hasn’t had any issues until that mishap

I think you reset its minimum pulse width to 350us, and its arming sequence is thus altered.

When you pass large values to Servo.write(), it punts to Servo.writeMicroseconds().

I think the ESC is trying to be clever and adapt to the controller.

Thanks! Do you think that recalibrating the motor will work? Give it a 0 value and increase it to max?

Its worth trying, sure.