Help building an arduino car

Hello community, ive been looking for some information about this and i want to create an arduino car, the actual problem is that i want to pair 2 arduino bluetooth modules, one work as the receiver (the car) and the other one is sending the commands (the controller), the thing is, i want to create a joystick that move the wheels the direction i want the car to move and two buttons, one for reverse and the other one for forward, anybody got any advice or guide to show me how to pair and configure bluetooth modules with some commands that make the motors work properly, i mean going any direction i want, any advice of how to make the motors, the bluetooth modules work like the way i want?

Try searching for "Arduino bluetooth car". There are loads of projects available with complete information, component lists, code, wiring diagrams etc.


The range is best with line of sight, not Low Energy BT but rather BT modules with boost antennas.

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An alternative to Bluetooth would be a pair of nRF24L01+ transceivers. I use them for radio control for model trains.

This Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial should give you the general idea of how they are used.

I have had a pair of the low-power nRF24 modules (with the pcb antenna) working at a range of 110m outdoors with clear line of sight so I would expect a range of 50-60m easy to achieve You could use one of the high-power modules (with external antenna) for the hand-controller if you need more range. AFAIK the nRF24 is used on some of the commercial model radio-control systems.


Hello!, i need some guidance with a bluetooth module, i want to pair a master and slave bluetooth module, but i need to know some stuff.

1.- Master is the one who send the orders and slave is the one who make those actions?
2.- If i pair a Master and Slave bluetooth module once, is paired forever? Because i want to make a controller for only one car
3.- If the bluetooth module is out of the 10m range, does this stop working? or the signal is more delayed depending of the range?
4.- Is there any way to amplify that range?

Sorry for those dumbs questions, but i just need some information and some more opinions would be very helpful. :smiley:

  1. No. A master initiates the connection with the slave. Once that is done, it doesn’t matter which is which.

  2. It stays paired until you unpair, or specifically pair with a different one

  3. It stops working.

  4. You are probably talking about a BT2 device, HC-0x. You could change to a BT4 device, but since you are talking about Arduino<>Arduino comms, there is a swag of other radio devices that are more suitable than bluetooth. Where bluetooth really comes into its own is when it is used to talk to the outside work - like Android.


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Sorry, just looking for some basic information, doesn't want to waste people time, but i really want to learn more stuff, even if it obvious for you :frowning:

but i really want to learn more stuff, even if it obvious for you :frowning:

That's good. But by sticking to a single Thread people can see what other stuff you have been told so they don't repeat things.