Help burning bootloader to custom board (ATMEGA328PAU) with ATMEL ICE please

Hi all,

I made a custom board with an ATMEGA328P-AU. I used a 16Mhz oscillator and there is the break out for the standard 2x3 ISP as well as access to FTDI pins.

I have an Atmel ICE programmer but I have never used one, and never burned a bootloader before! I really don't want to fry my nice custom board.

I have been looking around online for a tutorial on burning an Arduino bootloader to a fresh chip with the ATMEL ICE and a lot of what I find seems to require some prior knowledge of doing such a thing. Does anyone know of a really basic / dumbed down version? :-[

Would be really grateful, thank you!

Just kind of "went for it" and used this process here:

So far so good! Atmel studio reports back that everything is normal... just wanted to update for anyone who comes across this thread.