Help, can't check out - site problems

I created an account here, put the Genuino Starter kit into my basket, (I'm in Switzerland) and everythng shows in my basket okay, but when I click through to checkout, it takes me to what is supposedly my profile page - only it's blank. Nothing on there, not even my name.

I tried clicking on the profile page separately, using the button at the top, and that too takes me to a blank page.

Yes, I have confirmed the account after receiving the link in email, so it's not that. I'm using a Windows 10 laptop, but that shouldn't affect anything either. I was hoping to get Genuino Starter Kit for my son-in-law for his birthday in November.

If this store isn't working, is there another store where Genuino/Arduino products are sold for European customers?

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Okay, apparently no one knows - does anyone know how to contact the site staff? I tried the contact form but it had no place to give my email or anything to be sure I receive a response.

Or - is there another place where I can buy the Genuino Starter Kit? another site perhaps? (if you are allowed to mention it - if not, maybe someone send me a site message?) I really was hopong to buy this!

It is still being sold, isn't it? I really would appreciate some help here. :)


I have found the store on this site ( to be generally unresponsive to my attempts to contact and ask questions. They are not completely dead, but only respond some of the time. Perhaps they only maintain the store part time or have only a small number of part-time employees or volunteers. This forum is not part of the store, and I have not seen anything censored or disallowed here as long as the discussion is inoffensive.

Usually before I make a buying purchase of more than a few dozen dollars, I make sure my attempts to contact the seller through email get replies that are consistent and professional. So, I have decided for me, buying from major manufacturers/distributors such as Adafruit and Sparkfun are the way to go when I want something supported and that “just works” and I don’t want a cheap clone, derivative, or counterfeit. A quick look at Adafruit’s website shows they distribute through, and also the and websites say they ship worldwide. For cheap stuff that I don’t mind taking a chance on, and supporting myself, eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress are OK.

It looks like the same issue was reported in the IDE issue tracker:

So that indicates you’re not the only one with this issue. The user was referred to the contact form though and the issue was closed.

I tried the contact form but it had no place to give my email or anything to be sure I receive a response.

That’s very strange. I’m in the US so I get a different store and the contact form has an email field:
![|500x433](;topic=430368.0;attach=184655, image)
Does your contact form look different than that?

That's the form I've filled out on a few occasions, to ask questions about the products. There have also been complaints here in the forum before about people not able to get responses from the store after placing orders. I think perhaps the store is not fully functioning or not a big priority. That's OK, because the official product is available through many distributors, and in fact Adafruit is not only the store, but it is the manufacturer of boards such as the Uno.