Help choosing Componets for desk lift system


I have a desk that has 4 motor lift system and the controller has failed. I'm looking into building my own up/down system for this desk.

The basic controller I've found is setup in the following way:

Would I have to use 4 TB6600 to control the motors independent of each other?
Would I just multiplex from the Adruino to each of the TB6600?
The Lift motor are 24v 50-60watt 4A motors, they have miro switches for upper and lower limits.

if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated.


The most common way to run 4 steppers is to use one driver per stepper. One "big" driver stepping all motors could work, but then wrench work is needed to bring them in sync.
Using 1 motor and a very heavy, and costly Meccano, is unlikely good.

Was your desk level when the old controller died? Do you ever need to adjust motors individually or in pairs?
If your desk was perfect when the controller died and the desk is still perfect, then you could get by with one controller making all motors step in unison. Otherwise separate controllers.
You also need to consider how you want to tell your Arduino which motors to move and which direction.


Yes the desk was level when it died.
With the old controller when you plugged it in it needed to figure out where it was by getting the user to lower the desk to the lowest position.
The motor's have upper and lower limit switches which I believe will inhibit power to the motor's in either upper or lower limits.

As for a power supply, should I be looking at something larger then 24v DC 15A to drive all four motors?

The switches just supply information to the controller. If they inhibited power, the motors would not be able to leave that position!
Why not use the original power supply? If not, use what ever value the original power supply used.

Please provide links to the data on the desk - this may provide useful information.

I'd strongly suggest reusing the existing motors / encoders from the desk, which I reckon
won't be steppers. (Steppers are very noisy).


Here is the information about the motors

Inline image


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an obvious correspondence between those part numbers and the data on the dewertokin site.

But its clear they use 24V DC motors rated at upto 4A and with "two Hall sensors" - whether those are encoders or limit sensors isn't clear, but I do note they use stall detection (ie current sensing), suggesting no hardware limit
switches and thus the Hall sensors are encoder A and B perhaps?


I've actually taken the whole leg apart and it has upper and lower limit switches.

Would stepper motor driver have a place for a limit switch/s, if so which stepper motor driver?


What actually died? I'd think the power supply is what failed, have you been able to trace the failure? It may be way easier to replace the component that failed. Im just throwing this out there

From my investigations on the DewertOkin site I suspect this is an obsolete model...