Help Chosing a MOSFET to drive a fan

I am not very familiar with MOSFETs and would appreciate some suggestions that will enable me to vary the speed of a 12V fan that draws a maximum of 4A. I have heard I have to use n-channel logic level MOSFETs, would the following two models do the job or are there better options? 1. FP30N06LE 2. FQP30N06L:


Those are perfect.

Normal good old power mosfets need about 9V or 10V at the gate to switch it on. So that's why you need a 'logic' power mosfet. They are designed to operate with logic levels from a microcontroller or a Arduino.

You could also buy any n-channel logic power mosfet from Ebay.

SparkFun also offers that same mosfet with a small module board with terminal strips for making easy connections.