Help chosing the right arduino mudule

Hello guys, sorry my english i am portuguese my name is Joao Bastos and i am sending this message from portugal.

first time here, hope not doing something wrong..

nedd your advice and guidance:

me and a friend want to build a button box for sim racing games. we do some research and we find out something that we do not understand and need help:

we need to chose the right arduino mudule/ board

we made a list and ( can reduce if it is necessary) we want to know if we can make a button box to use
so many functions:

for now we want 47 functions
and a dysplay nextion
those 47 functions 12 would be from encoders or rotary switchs.. i saw a arduino mega 2560 but have no idea if is the best choice..

just some qustions:

1- for "seat adjustment" i need to use (up down right left) can i use a kind of joystick? a four position momentary toggle?

2 - for adjusting braking bias and traction control, etc.. it is best to use a encoder right? the encoderes have that feelig "click"? or thay are linear? i mean can i "feel in my fingers the button turn one click right and another and another..etc so if y using 3 of 10 stages of a traction control witchou looking i know that i turn 2 more steps for exemple

3 - want kind of toggle switch i have to use for this( entering the pits toggle a switch up a light on the panel turn on speed limiter activated.. turn the switch down light off no limited speed)
i am asking because in game we press and release a button and the limited spees remains activated we press ir again and it turns off with a toggle when goes up it would keep sending signal right? maybe not good for the board and game..

for now that´s all i thing
hope you guys can point me in right direction

thak´s in advance..

Joao Bastos

Because you are asking those questions I'm guessing you are new to Arduinos and if so what you have in mind is a very ambitious project. I think you need to get familiar with the basics first.

Don't expect to be able to specify all the requirements for a complex project with your present level of knowledge.

An Uno is the best starter board because most programs and add-ons work with it. The Mega is similar in many respects but does have some differences that would make Uno programs or add-on hardware incompatible. However you could certainly start learning with a Mega as it seems likely that an Uno would not be sufficient for your project.

Whatever Arduino you decide to start with you should begin by learning to write short programs to work with a single external device - such as a switch or an encoder.

Planning and Implementing a Program

Look over info on some of the Arduino boards HERE

yes i am new in arduino,, and for now lets ignore the fact that i do not understand anything of code.. some another topic.. for now i just need to know what parts do i need..and how mutch mony will i spend..
so like i said before:

for using a nextion display
12 encoders
and 30 buttons

i canot use UNO right?
only MEGA?