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Hi, I introduce myself I am David from Argentina ... First of all tell them I'm using a translator to write in English because my English is very limited. I need help with an alarm code, the code is also doing well, but I want to add a menu to edit the password, change phone number, deactivate zones, adjust time / date and some other things. The idea is to use the same keyboard 4 x 4, while the system is idle displays time / date and temperature but for example if you hold down the keyboard to enter a menu ... also want to know how to do to change the password , deactivate zones, change phone numbers, set the time / date rather how to do it ...

At my level of programming I think I'm trying to do something complex, but all this code I almost did myself, NOT intend processes a code only me to guide me and I lend a hand ... From already thank you very much .. .

Alarma_modificada_sms.ino (19.7 KB)

I think you will need to split your request into smaller questions, each with its own module of code.

Because at the moment, your question seems like you want someone to modify you code for you in lots of ways to add lots of new functionality.