Help coding arduino uno USB host shield Motor Shield Wireless receiver Xbox cont

Hi guys and gals,

I was wondering if anyone could help three mechanical engineers with a robotics project we were assigned without any coding experience by our professor.

We are currently using a setup of an arduino UNO Rev 3, USB host shield v2.0, seeed motor shield, a ZettaGuard wireless receiver plugged into the usb, and a xbox 360 controller.

We are trying to run two R550 motors from banebots to make a robot that uses one joy stick in order to control the direction and speed that the robot will be outputting. I expect the code to use a throttle gain on each wheel in order to turn like a tank which should be good enough.

If I could get a full code for this or example code for this with the contributors name, so that we can recognize them for their coding, I would be happy. The example code if it is not a full code I would hope you would explain what each part would do.

Thank you

This is such a simple thing to do. Use analogRead() to read the joystick value(s). Use analogWrite() to write the appropriate values to two PWM pins that control the speed of each motor. The tricky part is determining what the appropriate values are, based on the joystick reading(s). Only you have any idea what that relationship needs to be.

Look in the robotics section of the forum. Lots of examples there.