HELP: Connect TC74 temperature sensor with arduino


I started with arduino a few days aago, but and i want to learn more :P.

I connected an tc74 temperature sensor on arduino, wrote the code, but the programm don't do nothing.

TC74A0: i think the address is 0x48


i saw this code on a toturial that include an i2c device and made some modifications, i made some prints to see where the problem is and the program just print 123

include "Wire.h"

void setup() { Wire.begin(0x4D); // wake up I2C bus Serial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); } void getCN75data(byte *a) { Serial.print(1); // move the register pointer back to the first register Wire.beginTransmission(0x4D); // "Hey, CN75 @ 0x48! Message for you" Serial.print(2); Wire.send(0); // "move your register pointer back to 00h" Serial.print(3); Wire.endTransmission(); // "Thanks, goodbye..." // now get the data from the CN75 Serial.print(4); Wire.requestFrom(0x4D, 1); // "Hey, CN75 @ 0x48 - please send me the contents of your first two registers" Serial.print(5); *a = Wire.receive(); // first received byte stored here Serial.print(6); } void showCN75data() { float temperature=0; byte aa;

getCN75data(&aa); if (aa>127) // check for below zero degrees { temperature=((aa-128)*-1); } else // it must be above zero degrees { temperature=aa; }

Serial.print("Temperature = "); Serial.print(temperature,1); Serial.println(" degrees C"); delay(1000); } void loop() { showCN75data(); }

Please help, sorry about my english :S

Thanks in advance

it's solved! :P bad physical connection, and the address on the code were wrong.

thanks anyway

Well solved,

Please if you post code again use the #button to tag the code as code … looks so much better