Help connecting HP sdgob-0991 wifi module to arduino

Recently come to my hand this little jewel

I was wondering about to connect to arduino like another wifi module since the pin space look pretty similar, but I don't want to burn out it connecting voltage to data or ground, and as I was no able to find more information about the pin mapping, that's why I'm looking here for advice.

Any comment can help, so please feel free say something about it.

Kind regards. Gnokix

Hey Gnokix I just picked up one these wifi modules while dismantling a printer. I'll try hooking it up (if it smokes so be it, it was free) and I'll post the findings. Have you learned anything since your post? VEL

Have either of you ever found out any more? I have one from an old printer of mine, and it appears to be USB interface.

You got it to run?