Help Controlling a Camcorder (non-LANC capable)

As the title says, I have a Canon Vixia HFM40 without LANC. I was wondering if I can hook up an Arduino Uno to my camcorder, and then program it to record video for a set amount of time, on a time interval.

For example...

I want the Arduino Uno to turn on the camcorder, hit record, record for 10 minutes, then turn off. 4 hours later I want it to repeat the whole process, 4 hours later I want it to repeat the process for a third time, etc. etc.

So far all the reading I have done has led me to believe that LANC is the main way that you control a Camcorder, however, are there any other ways to do it?



Does your camcorder have an IR remote control? If so you can probably emulate that control with the Arduino.

If the camcorder doesn't have a remote control you may have to open it up and connect wires to the control buttons.

Well another way is to program a bunch of servos so that push the desired buttons at the appropriate time.