HELP! Controlling Android App with Arduino (Rotary Encoder)

My project is basically,

  1. Android App (I made) turns on when RFID is read.

  2. I will control my android app with rotary encoder by rotating the encoder.

  3. as i rotate and click the encoder, app will move to next page, previous page, and finally select a video.

  4. when I select the video with encoder, it will play the video.

Is it possible to control my app (made by processing) with arduino encoder???
I really need advises!! I will really appreciate it!

You can certainly write an Arduino program to detect the pulses from a rotary encoder and send a message to something else.

Bluetooth is a convenient way for an Arduino program to talk to an Android device (phone or tablet). Bluetooth is essentially just serial-by-wireless.

Your Android App will need to be able to receive and make sense of the messages.


thank you soooooooooo much!

And, is there any examples of this kind of project that you now???

There are lots of examples on how to read rotary encoders, and lots of examples of how to connect on bluetooth. Also do read the Serial Input Basics post for ideas on how to do the communication.

In your case commands are simple and you have just a few, so you need just a single character per command, making it a lot easier for programming. No need for start/stop characters or fancy parsing.

And,, is there any examples of this kind of project that you now???

A large part of this will depend on what your Android program expects to receive - and you have told us nothing about that.