Help! Controlling SG90 Servos with pca9685 Servo Driver

Hi All!

I Should start off by saying that I'm extremely new to all of this and really have little to no idea what I'm doing. I got an Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit for Christmas and have began to play around with it with some success given my lack of knowledge :).

I am looking to add more servos (SG90's) to my little build and have read that it is recommended to always power servos separately, until now I have been doing this using a breadboard and an included breadboard power supply module (MB102)

To power the servos and tidy up the project away from breadboards I found this (PCA9685 16 Channel 12-Bit PWM Driver):

I would really like to be able to use up to 8 Servos on the driver without having issues with the power supply, Now this is where things get a little tricky and my lack of experience really shows.

I could be way wrong here but to power this module its my believe that I need a 5V Power Supply (would rather plug and not batteries) with enough Ampere to handle up to 8 Servos. I have found this power supply that I think is what I'm looking for but if anyone with actual knowledge on this give me some advice if not some outright recommendations on what to buy that would be great!

Here is the power supply i found:

Also! if this is the correct power supply (or one that would work for my needs) I see that I would have to connect it to the module myself, any particular gauge of wire I should use for this?

Any help here would be great!

The power supply looks o.k. and the standard wiring should be fine.

I hope you realise that the coding needed to use that PCA9685 is completely different from the standard Servo.h coding. It's not too difficult but it is very different.