Help creating an http client

Hello. My dad wants to create a interactive staircase. I programmed the Pixels ws2812 strips and i can control everything from my raspberry pi using a light sequencer called Falcon Pi Player. My fpp player is at this address and my script that runs the sequence is at: I'm looking forward to use an arduino nano and an IR proximity sensor in each step of the stairs(16 steps). So when the IR detects movement it triggers an http request or something like that.

I guess i need an esp8266 or a ethernet shield. As i have 16 steps in my stairs i need it to be low cost. Any tips help. Thanks

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Depending on how the project is wired up is it possible to wire the proximity sensors directly back to the Raspberry Pi? With that many sensors you may have use Charlieplexing to read all 16. It depends on your proximity sensors.

Otherwise leave the Nano out and just use ESP8266 as your sensor node. You can get nice boards for around $5 each, much cheaper than a nano+shield.

If you post more detail you will get better suggestions.