Help Creating an On/Off Timer Switch for Power Supply to LED Grow Lights

I am a newbie to Arduino and circuit boards in general. I need guidance building an On/Off timer Switch for Power Supply to LED Grow lights for my greenhouse. (We have too many trees for a traditional garden!) PLEASE HELP! :’(

Here are the items that I have in my toolbox, thus far:

  • AT Mega 328P (CH340G) UNO R3 Board and USB Cable
  • 22 1/2 Ohm Carbon-Film Resistors (9 total)
  • A variety of other Carbon-Film Resistors that I have taken off of found items; not sure the Ohms at this time.
  • Manual On/Off Switch connected to a small circuit board and male connector for power.
  • A variety of semi-conductors, taken from found objects
  • A variety of linear circuits taken from found objects.
  • A roll of negative and positive wiring, as well as soldering wire and iron.
  • I also have a device that I made using items from Radio Shack, that allows me to convert and store power from solar panels into rechargeable batteries, while also using it to power the LED Lights or other objects. I also have calculated the watts and voltage needed to light a strip of lights, which I will have to change since I will be using a longer strip this time.

*So, do I have everything that I need to build my project? If so, what steps do I need to take? I truly appreciate any assistance that I can get! Once I finish this simple project, I will have a grasp on the basics and the monster in me shall be released! Good monster, no doubt! Whomever assists me can have full bragging rights to creating the monster! :smiling_imp: *

Thank you in advance for your help! :smiley:


To answer the question you will need to describe what you want to happen and when those things should happen.

I use relays to control my grow lights, pumps and fans. I also use a Real Time Clock (RTC) so Arduino knows when to close respective relays. Also use temp/humidity sensors for more efficient use of the fans. This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for based on the materials you have, but an 8 channel relay module is about $25, RTC about $20 and sensors each about $15. Here’s my code for running just those things. Please be mindful that I no longer use this sketch, so things I’ve learned since were not incorporated into this sketch. None the less, it still works.

TIMEorCLIMATEswitching.ino (8.8 KB)