Help creating wireless access point?

So i would like to produce a project that uses an arduino (uno if possible) to make a wireless access point, which i can use for people to log into(possibly with a popup on screen, it doesn't need to be powerful, just any help or links would be nice, to code or the project.( i assume i need a wireless shield....

is this possible?

Is it something that can be done on an ESP8266? (in terms of pins and library support) There's an addon to program dirt-cheap ESP8266 modules (or less-dirt-cheap-but-still-cheap development boards with the ESP8266 modules on them), and getting the AP part working is easy on ESP8266. You could even put Espruino on it and slap something together in javascript instead of writing real (ie, C++ ) code .

I mean, that's what I'd do, not to come across as some kind of tool* - you know that old saw about hammers and nails: I have a drawer full of ESP8266's, 60 development boards on my doorstep ( which'll be for sale here later tonight when I unpack them), and I've been working with ESP8266's for a while (mostly running Espruino) and love them.

*If I didn't already, I reckon that pun did the trick...

sounds good! say if i were to use a ESP8266 board, after creating the AP, do you know if there is an inbuilt piece of code that will make it popup e.g. on an Iphone/android screen(like if you press a "free wifi" point and it pops up to say "login"?