Help! Deleted tab recovery.

Hi everyone, I’m new to this whole Arduino thing as you can see from my number of posts. I’m working on porting the code for my wheeled robot from an OOPic to Arduino.

I was working in the IDE with two tabs open; the first (left hand) tab had an i2c example that I was borrowing code from and the second (right hand) tab had my robot program.

When i was done with the i2c example, I deleted that tab from the file. In stead of just deleting that tab, it deleted both tabs and wiped out my whole program.

Is there any way to recover my program? Please!


I’ll take the lack of reply as an indication that there’s no way I’m getting my original code back :’(. I’ve started rewriting the code and am almost back to where I was before ‘the incident’ anyway.

I’ve started a new thread in the software suggestions section regarding this IDE behaviour.