Help designing remote controlled RC servo

We want to control a standard size 10-17 kg RC servo by using a 433 Mhz remote control

This remote:
This servo: Rds3115mg 17kg Digital Metal Gear Servo Dual Shaft 180 270 Degree Angle For Rc Robot - Parts & Accs - AliExpress

We would like someone to design a working solution with GERB and BOM so that we can make a prototype of our own here.

Considering that Remote Control servos were specifically designed to be used in radio controlled aircraft, you're going to have to provide a little more context here.


Sure what would you like to know?

For one thing, are your remote control relays on as long as the button is pushed or are they on when a button is pushed and remain on until the button is pushed a second time?

As long as the button is pressed it seems from this comment on the seller page
"Good working device with momentary relays. Not working as permanent ON OFF switch."

Are you telling us you have not even tested the devices? You have not even determined how long the batteries will last?

I havent even seen the devices. But that shouldn't be a problem since I didn't post the question just shared info I saw while checking out the link by @repairit

Ah, so. Missed that! The thread is kind of suspicious, I think.

So Im curious, are you looking for a solution without any programmable device?

Hello This is what the description for the remote says

The module output is 2 sets of relay switches, standby mode, 2 sets of output "NO" and "COM" are disconnected, "NC" and "COM" are connected.

Momentary inching . Instant control.

Group A switch
Press the "A" button on the remote control, NO1 and COM1 are connected, and NC1 and COM1 are disconnected.
Release the "A" button on the remote control, NO1 and COM1 are disconnected, and NC1 and COM1 are connected.

Group B switch
Press the "B" button on the remote control, NO2 and COM2 are connected, and NC2 and COM2 are disconnected.
Release the "B" button on the remote control, NO2 and COM2 are disconnected, and NC2 and COM2 are connected.

Do not press the remote control "A" and "B" buttons at the same time.

I do not think we can avoid some kind of programming.

Is my thread suspicious? Why so? What have I written wrong?

No I have not tested anything. I need it to be made before I can test it. I want to pay someone here to set up the solution and then I want to solder and make it here in Sweden.

You have not described what the end result is supposed to be or what it is supposed to do. Do you expect some stranger to design something based on you having picked a couple of devices?
What is your budget?

Under what circumstances, often legal duty cycle limits in the UHF ISM bands have a significant impact on how often its legal to transmit the necessary packets, thus impacting on control response ?

You can, of course, get very effective RC control sytems, at low cost, off the shelf, so there must be a good reason for wanting a custom design.

So perhaps describe the actual project ?

I am sorry if my novice level is giving you the impression that it is suspicious. Here you can see an exact ready product of what we want to have. Except this one is running on a different band

Does the maker of the RF IC on the board not have a version for the band you want?

Why didn't OP just come right out and say this. Granted, I only hinted that they should, guess I should have been more explicit.

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