Help detecting my arduino uno ethernet board (solved)

Hello forum,

First off I want to mention that I am extremely new at this... now I bought the Arduino Ethernet Board (R3) and It came with the USB2SERIAL Light.

I am trying to connect it via the USB2SERIAL to an USB port on my computer (Windows 7). Again I say "Trying", and nothing is happening on my computer not even detecting it.. Help?


What happens when you just plug the USB2SERIAL Light in and Plug the USB into your computer? Do any LEDs come on?

If the PC sees the USB2SERIAL Light, you are going to need this INF file:

If it does not Auto-detect, you might need to peek around in your Device Manager to see if it is stalled device.

Hey spcomputing,

Oh wow I feel so dumb, I changed usb ports and it's alive...

Thank you though

(problem solved)...

No problem, we can blame Microsoft.

I found USB Hubs help sort things out for WinDoze operating systems problems with USB ;)