Help! Device not responding  :(((

after varies test on differem circuits, Something should have wrong with the mess of in and out wires, and Arduino refuses to go. A "device is not responding" prompt is the only answer, and on pushing reset button there is only ONE pulse on pin 13, instead of the usual set of 3. The power led is regualrly on. Do I have sadly roasted out Arduino? It' possible (and worthwhile) to change the only atmega chip, or shoud I replace the entire card?


What kind of Arduino board do you have? On the Diecimila, the bootloader only blinks once on reset, not three times as with older boards. What operating system are you on?

Have you checked the troubleshooting guide?

Hi Mellis, It's a NG rev.c card, the one just before the Diecimila. It's running on a mac PPC with Tiger 10.4.11. I've downloaded an freshly re-installed software (009) and drivers, but the result is:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

the green power led is obviously on, but the usual blinking of the small smd led of serial is dead. The pin 13 reset blink, on the contrary, goes again: it blinks three times, ad usual in the cards before the Diecimila.

I'm afraid that could be some partial elecrtic damage somewhere.... what do you think?

The board used to work?

Did you disconnect everything from the board before trying to upload? Is it resting on anything conductive?

When you reset the board and the LED blinks three times, does the LED then stay off for at least a few seconds?

I have solved that kind of problems a couple of times by uninstalling and reinstalling the FTDI driver. This was on a PC with Windows XP.