[Help] Disabling Arduino Pro Micro from being recognized by PC

Hi, I'm trying to use the board mentioned in the title as a pure Human Interface Device (keyboard/mouse) which isn't additionally recognized by PC as arduino. (I'm using Keyboard.h and Mouse.h libraries to mimic the keyboard)

I've read this article and I'm wondering if simple change of "VID/PID" could possibly be a solution for such issue...

Does anyone know how this could be accomplished?

Which operating system are you using?

windows 10 but I'd like to make it unrecognized by any windows through arduino manipulation rather than manipulating individual windows drivers

OK, I did this a while ago by changing the VID/PID. If I remember correctly I changed the values in boards.txt, connected an ISP programmer to my pro micro, then did a Sketch > Upload Using Programmer. Now it shows up in Device Manager under "Other devices", meaning Windows tried to install it and couldn't find a driver matching the VID/PID. So I don't know if that's exactly the result you're going for.

The reason I wanted to do this is I have a Pro Micro permanently connected to my computer and I was tired of having it clutter up my Tools > Ports menu in the Arduino IDE since I never upload to it. Later I realized you can disable the COM port of the device in Device Manager, which would have been a much easier solution because it was pretty tricky to attach the programmer to the Pro Micro since it was already soldered to a circuit board and doesn't have an ICSP header. Doing that would have allowed me to easily re-enable the port if I ever wanted to update the firmware on the Pro Micro. But it sounds like the solution of disabling the COM port would not be helpful to you.