help! error in atmega 2560 clone on gsm shield

im getting this error,

Trying to force the baud-rate to 9600

ERROR: SIM900 doesn’t answer. Check power and serial pins in GSM.cpp

but i uploaded the program to the arduino atmega, heres the program,
#include <call.h>
#include <gps.h>
#include <GSM.h>
#include <HWSerial.h>
#include <inetGSM.h>
#include <LOG.h>
#include <SIM900.h>
#include <sms.h>
#include <Streaming.h>
#include <WideTextFinder.h>

#include “SIM900.h”
#include “sms.h”
char number=“09067407733”;
char message[180];
char pos;
char *p;
long duration;
int distance;
void setup() //declaring inputs and outputs
digitalWrite(8, LOW);//itiate gizduino witha baud rate of 9600
pinMode(7, OUTPUT); //output for turning LED ON or OFF
if (gsm.begin(2400)) //condition if gsm is initialized
Serial.println("\nstatus=READY"); //displays “ready” on the serial monitor if gsm is ready
else Serial.println("\nstatus=IDLE"); //otherwise displays “idle” on the serial monitor if gsm is not found

void loop() //looping of the program

pos=sms.IsSMSPresent(SMS_UNREAD); //save to variable if there is an SMS
Serial.println((int)pos); //display position number (a.k.a index) of the message
if((int)pos>0&&(int)pos<=20) //if message from 0-20 is found
Serial.print(“Message Received, INBOX=”); //display an output on the serial monitor
Serial.println((int)pos); //display the position/index of the message
message[0]=’\0’; //display ‘0’ if no messages found
sms.GetSMS((int)pos,number,message,180); //get position/index, number of sender, and text message
Serial.println(message); //display the text on serial monitor
if(strstr(message, “ON”))
digitalWrite(7,HIGH); //if message ‘ON’ is received, LED is ON
if(strstr(message, “OFF”))
digitalWrite(7,LOW); //if message ‘OFF’ is received, LED is OFF
sms.DeleteSMS((int)pos); //after reading, delete SMS
delay(70); //delay of 5seconds per loop


i put the GSM shield on top of the Arduino Mega 2560, bend the pin 2, put jumping wire on 2 to 10.

uncomment-comment the #define Mega,and the #define Uno, same thing i do on the HWSerial.h, thats it.

really need your help, thanks!

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