Help!! Error uploading Blink to Seeeduino

Help Please. I am a newb, but this is extremely frustrating. I just got the Catalyst pack from Make. I am trying to run the very first Blink program but I cannot get the program upload properly.

I am running Mac Osx. I have Arduino 15. I have Turned the Bluetooth off. I've selected the correct port. I have selected the correct board. My board is powered up, when I upload the program I get a few blinks out of the RX light, but not many. Then the error jumps up. "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

Any tips!!!! please this is frustrating. :-/

Newb error solved, but can someone answer my question.

The auto reset switch was off. I turned it on and now the program uploads.

Can someone explain to me the purpose of the auto reset switch. I had been trying to manually reset the board before every upload, but that was unsuccessful.


When the auto-reset switch is set, the board will reset into its bootloader mode whenever the serial port is opened. This allows the programming software to put it into a known state where it can send the new program code to the board.

However, if your code uses the serial port and you want to support connecting to the device while it is running, you wouldn’t want auto-reset enabled. That’s why the switch is there to let you disable that functionality.