Help: FIFO Overflow when communicating between two ESP8266's

im using the library ‘ESP8266WiFi.h’ to communicate values between two Node MCU esp-12e boards and my computer. I want to send gyroscopic values into a game service called unity so I set up a left controller as an access point and the right controller and my pc as a station. My PC reads the values and the left controller sends its values and the other controllers values to the PC. (In the future I hope to send information to the controllers to toggle a vibration motor) And this approach works fine when I only have my PC and left controller connected, but as soon as the Right controller connects it works fine for a few seconds, then information sending on both the left controller and right controller abruptly stop, they then start showing the message ‘FIFO Overflow!’ and start sending very choppy and slow messages, followed by only button input when they should be sending both button and gyroscopical input. The first two lines in this example are the correct output from the left controller, then it abruptly stopping, sending out the FIFO message, and proceeding to send out incomplete information over random extended periods of time.

FIFO overflow!

Attached is the code for the left and right controllers. I can give more information if nessecary. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :smiley:

RightControllerV1.ino (10.9 KB)

LeftControllerV1.ino (12.2 KB)