HELP figuring out pins on a oled display

hello someone on here told me this screen should work without much trouble with this code - Building Pong im a total noob what arduino pins should be attached to what display pins??

also how do i turn it to i2c mode


There's a really bad Fritzing drawing (deserves its place at the Wall of shame on this very forum)on that site, and below is an extra table telling you which pin goes where.

This picture from the link you provided, shows how to set the display I2C mode:

You can also try to find detailed info from the waveshare website, as it seems to be their product.

As MAS3 has indicated, to change to I2C you will need to move a surface mount solder jumper in position BS1 so it links to the spare "1" solder pad. As shown in the photo the two links on BS1 and BS0 connect the interface selection pads to "0".

If you don't feel able to do this (good soldering skills needed!) it is quite easy to change the Pong sketch and wiring to use 4 wire SPI.

Compare the i2C and SPI examples in the Adafruit_SSD1606 library and you should be able to figure out what needs to be changed.

Bear in mind that the Adafruit display accepts 5V logic levels whereas the one you bought does not, so use an Arduino that is 3.3V or you will need to add some logic level converters which can be just simple resistors.