help figuring out power needs

ok i have asked before (thanks grumpy mike and shpaget and others)

i want to drive 2 stepper motors 1 m42sp-6te -24v 400ma has 10? on the sticker (x axis){bipolar measures 10ohms} 1 m42sp-6nka - 24v 400ma has 6.3? on the sticker (y axis){bipolar measures 6.4ohms}

if i understand right i need 24v 800ma to drive them i have found this on ebay 100-24VAC 12VDC 3A Power adapter power supply 36W US Plug Led strips Transformer basically my question is would this meet my needs if i is more than my needs then i may also drive

1 m42sp-6te - 24v 517ma has 20? on the sticker (z axis){unipolar 20ohm over common 40ohm over coils} 1 m35sp-7t - 6v 807ma 9? on the sticker (feeder){bipolar measures 9ohms yes i know i will either need to step down the voltage or drive this one seperately}

thank you in advance

What is it you are trying to build with these bits?


Operating in the worst case scenario (stall current in the motors) = V/R = For the first two motors 24v/10? = 2.4 Amps, and 24v/6.3? = 3.8 Amps. For the second two steppers, 24v/20? = 1.2 Amps, and 6v/9? = .667 Amps.

Watts = V*I (volatage * current) so for your application (24*2.4)+(24*3.8)+(24*1.2)+(6*.667) = 181.6 Watts if all motors hit their stall current at the same time.

You could do the same calculation based on the nominal current draw listed on the motors to get an idea of the current draw under normal operation, though I would size the power supply to meet ~200 Watts or so for your motors and any overhead from the voltage regulator you'll be running to get the 24v power supply down to 6v. This is just my opinion, and YMMV, though it's usually better to have more power on tap than you need.