Help finding a course

I have some gaps in my knowledge and have searched around on the web, but have a hard time find someone who goes deep enough!

What I am looking for is knowledge about how an AtMega328 works “under the hood”


How functions are executed, what the stack pointer does when and what is on the stack when and what happens during startup when variables become initialized.

All about what happens deep down in the microcontroller.

It’s easy to find something about ARM, but it’s specifically 328 I’m looking for and am looking for some kind of course and I will pay for it!

Does anyone know a good place to look?

For stack and CPU questions in the abstract, you should be able to find a computer science textbook on the subject.

For specifics about that particular CPU, check the Atmel data sheets.

For startup and variable initialization, check the compiler documentation - Arduino’s IDE uses gcc, so if you really want to dig you can read the source code.

I usually do some courses on the Udemy Platform. If you are interested to get the most advanced course from most advanced faculty, you can get the course from the Udemy Platform. Although the costs of courses on these platforms is also low

Udemy is a great place but I have not been able to find what I am looking for.

I was hoping I could get a tip on a special course they have been happy with and not just a platform

That depends on the programming language and compiler you are using, not the hardware.

The hardware (machine) instructions are described in great detail in the processor data sheet. Download the full version.

I imagine if you can find an emulator to run an arduino code with enough fidelity and debug capabilities, you can see all those things in steps. I’ll be interested in seeing these as well. I’ve seen enough on the x86 and x386 system for my life time but maybe a little more won’t hurt.

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