help finding a motor

hi, i'm new around arduino, but have a project in mind.i want to automate my car's clutch on a button press. what i'm looking for is a rotation motor that will rotate both ways on varying speed. and it should be made of a stiff material.. ideas?

Sounds like a good way to kill people, I'd think of another idea.

Lifting the spring on a conventional auto clutch takes considerable force, you would need a fairly powerful motor to actuate it, and the timing is fairly critical as anyone would has tried to learn to drive a manual / "stick " car would know.

if I was going to attempt it, I'd use a hydraulic system and then use the arduino to control that with hydraulic solenoid valves, but I would not recommend it.

Might be all sorts of legal / insurance / fitness-for-use implications too...

Hi I built a electric clutch in my dunebuggy i built long time ago useing a electric window motor im in a wheelchair so needed to ingage clutch just getting timming right is kinda tricky might think of tring or playing around with one see if that will work