Help finding a TLE6209

This is frustrating. I have been looking for a motor controller that can deliver up to 7 amps ( I really would prefer not NOT build one from scratch ). I finally found the TLE6209... It is exactly what I need. But mouser and digikey have minimum quantities that are completely unreasonable. I have event tried to find how to order samples on the infineon website... No luck... Anybody know where I can get one? Or another driver that supports up to 7 amps? Thanks Brandon

Don’t know exactly what you are working with but have you considered an electronic speed control like the type found in RC cars? A waterproof version with reverse can be had for $40 at the local hobby shop and control with the servo lib is a cinch. For example:

FEATURES: No manual user setup required, just plug in and drive 100% waterproof, can be operated under water with full power Forward, brake and reverse Digital interference protection circuitry stops model in the event of interference, empty transmitter battery, or model outside radio range

INCLUDES: AI Quantum Runner Speed Control with Blue anodized heatsink, motor capacitors, standard Tamiya type connector, tie wraps, mounting tape, user guide and sticker set

SPECS: Case Size: 1.02" x 1.02" x 0.62" (26.0mm x 26.0mm x 15.7mm) Weight: .67oz (19g) excluding wires Voltage Input: 4-6 cells (4.8-7.2V) Typical Voltage Drop: @20A 0.320V Rated Current: 60A (transistors rating at 25°C junction temp.) Rec. Motor Limit: over 18 turns BEC 5.0V

Hope you find this useful.