help finding amplifier

Hi All,

i am doing a project to monitor traffic using magnetic sensor.

sensor: HMC1001. output voltage +/- 43microV

Arduino Board: Arduino Nano (input 5V)

i am looking for an amplifier to connected in between sensor and arduino nano.

may i know what could be the possible amplifier model? preferably an instrumentation amplifier and with low pass filter

many thanks!!!

i am doing a project to monitor traffic using magnetic sensor.

i am looking for an instrumentation amplifier to connect in between HMC1001 sensor and Arduino Nano board.

HMC1001 output is around +/- 43microV

Arduino Nano input is around 5V

kindly advise on the amplifiers that could be suitable to use.

many thanks!!!!

HMC1001 output is around +/- 43microV

Hello 63611,


I am not familiar with the HMC1001 so I looked at the data sheet. From a quick reading of the data sheet it seems that the output is of the order of millivolts not microvolts.

Have you read page 11 of the data sheet, which has recommended amplifiers and circuits?

It helps to post more information, such as a link to the data sheet.

Some information here

the AD623 is one you could consider

Have you considered the amplifiers shown in the datasheet's typical application circuits?

Yes, HMC1001 is about 3.2mV/V/gauss, so about 1 to 2 mV/V for Earth's ambient magnetic field, so
given 5V excitation about 5 to 10mV full-scale as a compass - any decent instrumentation amp will
work with this as its a straight-forward low-impedance Wheatstone bridge circuit. I suspect the
HX711 (inst. amp + ADC) would work for instance.

I looked at the circuits in the datasheet, just a rail-to-rail opamp of no particular precision...

This looks a lot like another thread in Sensors.

Very much like a thread in General Electronics., but different name.

Hi all,

many thanks for reply.

i have attached datasheet and my output calculation is based on second attachment(page 4 first graph).
(20m+15m)/40.51%= 43.75 MicroV. please correct me if my calculation is wrong.

may i know how can i calculate the minimum output voltage from HMC1001?

i am looking for a amplifier that has low noise level around 1 Hz.
and also use low pass filter between sensor and amplifier input t0 suppress noise at high frequency


HMC1001.pdf (188 KB)


(20m+15m)/40.51%= 43.75 MicroV. please correct me if my calculation is wrong.

Your calculation does not properly use units. Also, the (20mV+15mV)/4Oe is the absolute value of the slopes of the two lines, but the source of the (0.5*1%)Oe is not obvious (to me).

how do i find the minimum output voltage from sensor?

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