help finding fault in board - isp

Hi all,

I've made a miniscule board to put in a wii nunchuck and send info over xbee. To make it small, I've used the smd version of the 168, which does not have the bootloader. So I've made an isp plug in the board. Problem is, it doesn't respond. The programmer communicates with the 2009, so there's something wrong in my setup. Anyone have an idea what's wrong?


  1. does the atmega work ok other than the programming?
  2. what is going on with the reset circuit and will it allow the programmer to drive that pin?

very pretty schematic by the way, I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the device.

1: I wouldn't know, since the chip is blank

2: Since the board sits in a nunchuck, I would like to be able to program it via xbee. The isp should still be able to reset the chip.

I have checked the soldering over and over again. My suspicion goes to the resonator, but I do not have a scope to test it.


Thanks. The picture is very nice looking too - if a bit big.

I thought that raw 168’s were delivered set for the internal oscillator. It seems unlikely that the resonator (or any hardware really) would be at fault.

Looking at the picture, is the XBEE socketed and therefore not in the circuit at the moment?

Without a scope are you able to use a dmm to see some action on the reset and other programming pins as you run the programmer?

I can't help with anything else but I can help with this...

I thought that raw 168's were delivered set for the internal oscillator

They are. Processors leave the factor set to use the internal oscillator with the clock-divide-by-eight enabled giving them a speed of roughly 1MHz.