help finding solenoid for garden hose

I'm having trouble finding a low power latching solenoid.
This is to control a watering hose, i would like for it to be dc just so that the ac current is not near water. I am looking to make a general soil moisture/sun sensor to open the water valve. Ive been looking for awhile and found a 24 v dc galcon on amazon. I would like as low power as possible while still being reliable. Also easy to implement would be nice. Low cost would be nice also. The older orbit hose sprinkler controls were easy and awesome but are unavailable. The new one takes an excessive amount of circuitry to run the 58874N orbit. My current goal is a moisture controlled wall garden.
Thanks mike

A green wall, cool project. With moss ? Or a garden with vegetables and herbs ?

Many valves for water can be the valves for a central heating. They are often used with 24V AC, but many are made to work with AC and DC.

Is 24V a problem ? Ball valves of 12V DC do exist, just google for : ball valve 12vdc

Do not use a 24V valve with a lower voltage, unless it is specified by the manufacturer.

ive been saving 2 liter pop bottles and square milk jugs from costco and it will look hideous, but planting lettuce, herbs(legal), small veggies. I have a 20 5 gallon burried bucket system, self watering/self fertilizing(but not completely), and would like to get a corn patch going with air pruned buckets and float valve. Just having a really hard time finding a proper solenoid.
thanks, mike

thanks, for the help with ball valve, i know nothing about them, but i guess this one looks ok?

Something like that. I don’t know if that one is okay.
Some ball valves use a rubber ball others a metal ball. I don’t know if that has influence on the leakage when closed or how many is allowed for you.

A central heating system uses low pressure, and if a ball valve leaks a litte into a zone that is turned off, that is no problem.

Perhaps you can buy a few different valves to test which one is good for you.

When I would make a green wall, I would use a very simple 12V DC pump that uses a reservoir. I would fill that reservoir with a valve that is used in a washing machine.

A washing machine uses an indirect acting solenoid valve. They can withstand the water pressure without problem and often operate on the mains voltage. You can find many on Ebay.

An indirect acting solenoid valve for water with 12V ? I don’t know if they exist.

thanks for the reply

For a low power solenoid, find one of those “tap timers” that goes on a single tap (or faucet in north america.) They run for months or years with one 9v battery so they must be pretty efficient. If you were to find the manufacturer of the part and try to order one, you would probably find it more expensive than just buying the complete timer in your local hardware shop.

Make sure you buy one with an electronic display as the simpler twist-knob ones are clockwork.

Hi, have you visited your local garden centre or DIY conglomerate and asked what they sell for automated watering systems.

Tom... :slight_smile:
PS. Not sure what part of the world you are in.

They seem to be quite common