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Hi all! New to the forum and using arduino in general. I’m trying to make a buzzwire project by following the instructions at the link below. This is my first time ever opening up the software. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add the code. The instructions has two options. A basic version and an enhanced version with a display and button. I’m doing the basic approach. Can anyone shed some light on how to start this? Any help would be appreciated!

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You need to have a read of getting started with Arduino to learn how to get going .

I’d suggest you have a play first with the basic examples ( file/examples) to get comfortable with how things work .

You can cut and paste code into the Arduino IDE from pages on the internet , or there is often a download link on sites where you can save the program and then open it in the IDE .

The library files are additional bits of code you add via a library manager - I wouldn’t worry about that now , I’d play a bit , then google some of these items or ask here again . ( google “ what is a library file in Arduino “) .
Although what you want to do is a fairly simple project , that link sketches over some of the details . Learn a bit of code and write your own wire thingy .

There are loads of guides to using Arduino and mr Google will find them.

I had to go look to see how the “inventor” managed to need a microprocessor, haha.

A youngster with an entrepreneurial spirit had one of these at a little corner of a flea market… a battery and doorbell buzzer and some wire.



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