Help for a complete Newbie!

Hello everyone!

Im completely new to servos and programming them! I really need help with what im wanting to do. I've searched thousands of forums and asked help from many people even people from hobbyking and no one really REALLY helps me at all. They assume you know everything and just answer one question and its not even a direct answer :frowning: So im hoping you brilliant people here can help me out with my project.

So heres what i want to do.
Im using Servos to Lift a Faceplate off a mask. More specifically the iron man helmet. I want to be able to control when it opens and closes with the push of a button. There are several people who do this and none of them really want to help us out. An example of what im asking can be seen here : ironman helmet motorized faceplate highspeed - YouTube

So Theres a really good example and i basically want to do exactly that. But to be more acurate the jaw slightly opens as well. All this runs off the servos which is connected to a HINGE system. So when the servo moves back 180 degres the hinge system lifts the face piece up and also will slightly open the jaw.

The hinge system I can do. Its just servos and everything like that. I have no idea what to do guys :confused:

First of all, what exactly do I need? a list of everything.
I know ill be at least using 2 servos. And i saw someone else has this problem, they posted a few days ago. But i still would like help fellas.
But if you guys could help me out, bascially tell me how you would do it, with a list of parts you'd use(i.e servos controller boards and whatever else I would need).
and how i would program it to do so. And also a button or how i would do that.
Any help would be appreciated guyS!!!!!