Help for a pressure sensor application using arduino

I want to make a simple weighing machine to weigh objects weighing max 30 kg and output on a display. As for accuracy, a +/- 1 kg can be acceptable. I have done some googling and found out some ways to implement this. What I have found are:

  • FSR
  • Load Cells
  • Piezoresistive Force Sensor

So, what I want to know is that is there any other way I can implement this which is more efficient, simple, accurate and cheap. Also is there a sensor that I can simply buy, program and interface with arduino.

Im very new to electronics and this is just the second project I am doing. So, I am just learning everyday. Any genuine help is greatly appreciated.

There is a simple way you may test for results. You could use a wheatstone bridge to this way try o measure the height.
you just have to do the mechanical process moving a ponteciometer connect do the wheatstone bridge.This way you can input that on an analog port and map it to values on a scale on Kg
Google for wheatstone bridge to find some info
I hope this can help you :smiley:

Placing stress on conductive/semi-conductive materials changes their resistance. That is the foundation of solid state scales. The change is small but with a transistor can be magnified.

Also if you take a piece of quartz (or even sugar crystal, bone, many common things) and squeeze then one side will become charged relative to the other. This is piezoelectric. Using quartz you can make a 1500V spark if you strike hard enough which is what piezoelectric lighters do.

Without doing anything fancy at all you might affect a capacitive sensor using that effect.