Help for cash

I'm looking for some to program my arduino to control 2 brushless motors 2 DC motors and a stepper motor all via an andriod app.

If interested please respond

I have done stuff like this before - but it's not a task I'd be willing to take on at present.

However, the code for the other project I did is here:

and the bluetooth component is here:

Maybe these would be helpful as sample code to anyone setting up an arduino/android link via bluetooth.

-- EDIT --

Having said that, a far, far simpler option than bluetooth is for the arduino to implement a HTTP server with a simple web form, and to talk to it over wi-fi.

I have an example on the playground here . The disadvantage is that the android device and the arduino need to have a network present.

throw in an ESP8266 module and you can host the web page ‘locally’…

broadcasts’ its own SSID as well…etc…

submit form to ‘itself’… and parse the submitted data to trigger whatever event is desired. :slight_smile: