Help for combining two code into one code

please anyone help me.
i am new in Arduino,i chose Arduino project for my 4th year fianl project.but i am stuck in last situation.
i have to use tow code at same time.
but it is not possible,can anyone combine this two code?

RFID_System.ino (4.99 KB)

Main code for sir.txt (3.43 KB)

I doubt that anyone will combine the codes for you.

Here are some links to pages that may help.
Merging codes.

Combine codes.

Or do a search for "arduino combine codes" or "arduino merge codes".

Read the how get the most out of this forum sticky to see how to properly post code. Remove useless white space and format the code with the IDE autoformat tool (crtl-t or Tools, Auto Format) before posting code in code tags.

Welcome to the forum

It would be more helpful if you posted your code here rather than attaching it

Please follow the advice on posting code given in Read this before posting a programming question

In particular note the advice to Auto format code in the IDE and to use code tags when posting code here as it prevents some combinations of characters in code being interpreted as HTML commands such as italics, bold or a smiley character, all of which render the code useless

You also need to describe exactly what the combined code should do and post your best attempt at combining it

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