Help for fuzzy logic in arduino for controlling the motor speed

Respected sir,
I started fuzzy with two input variables temperature and humidity having 4 mebership functions in the arduino code attached. My output control variable is speed. The system is having two units for demo purpose. - remote controller with voice recognition module and robot with temperature and humidity sensor. Here temperature and humidity are measured by the sensor and wirelessly transmitted to the remote unit to display it on LCD module.Fuzzy code is in the robotic side. Now for evaluating the fuzzy code i take only 16 rules . The deffuzzified values are set as spd1,spd2,spd3....spd16.These values are used to generate PWM to control the motor speed . But my code is not working properly.May u able to give me any advice with deffuzzified value to generate speed correctly. Only first rule in the code is working and others not even though i had varied temperature

Am using the Atmega328P microcontroller and Arduino UNO I am attaching the code below

Thankfully -

sketch_speed.ino (29.4 KB)