Help for GSM Remote Control

Hello ! i'm trying to make a gsm remote control with these arduino parts Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories
Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories
Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories
Does anyone know which code i must upload to make it ?

I have modified the code from this project because i want to control pin13 in order to connect a relay !
I Made this code : #include <GSM.h> // This includes the GSM library, included in your Arduino IDE

#define PINNUMBER “” // declaration of the constant PINNUMBER used to push the pin number of the SIM card
#define PIN 13 // declaration of the constant PIN, and setting it to output nr. 6

GSM gsmAccess; // opens up GSM access on the shield.
GSM_SMS sms;

char remoteNumber[20]; // Variable to store the remote number from the modem.
char c; //Variable for reading the sms messages from the SIM card

int x=0; //Counter for the number of SMS messages processed
char lastm; //Variable to stop SMS replying
String lastMess; //for storing the whole message

// **** 2 Setup ****

void setup() {
//Setup for SMS recieving. Serial setup makes it possible to monitor the status on your PC while connected
Serial.println(“SMS Recieving”);

boolean notConnected = true; // this defines a variable that indicates no GSM connection if true
while(notConnected) { // if there is no connection, the program runs gsmAcess. gsmAcess returns GSM_READY when connected
if(gsmAccess.begin(PINNUMBER"0462")==GSM_READY) // If you have a PIN number on your SIM card, write it as parameters here in quotes. PINNUMBER"9876"
notConnected = false;
else {
//messages printed on the serial monitor or LCD screen, then it tries again in 1000 milliseconds
Serial.println(“No connection”);

// if connection is established
Serial.println(“GSM connected”); //GSM connected
Serial.println(“Waiting”); //Waiting for SMS


// **** 3 The loop ****

void loop() {

if (lastMess == “H”)
else if (lastMess == “L”)
//reading messages
if (sms.available()) // if there are SMS on the SIM card
x++; //message counter adds one
sms.remoteNumber(remoteNumber, 20);

//Show the message on monitor
Serial.println(“Messages received from”);
Serial.println(remoteNumber); //Prints senders number on the serial monitor

while( {
String nextChar = String (c);
String Mess = (lastMess + nextChar);
lastMess = Mess;
/* collects one digit of the messages at time and stores it in the variable c.
This while loop builds a String variable “lastMess” from each byte in the messages for displaying.

Serial.println(lastMess); // prints the whole messages on the monitor and LCD screen

}//end for

sms.flush(); //discards the SMS message

I uploaded to the uno + gsm shield without errors , then i send the sms “H” but pin13 didn’t go to High and the led didn’t blink !
could someone help me to find the mistakes at my code ? ?
here are the results of what i’ve done