Help for idea to make inventory part counter

Hello all,

I am a novice to the Arduino world. I have just bought my beginners kit last week. I have an idea for my place of work that I would like to try and make but have no idea where to even begin, consequently I was hoping I could be pointed in the right direction.

I wanted to try and build a "smart weighing scale" (weight range of 20kg-500kg). My idea is similar to the standard part counting scales you can buy. The idea is you enter the weight of individual items and the weight of the packaging. Once this is entered you place the whole package on the scales and it tells you the quantity of the item in the package. It would be nice then if this printed a label that just had the weight and quantity on it.

Any help or even just a recommendation of where to start would be immensely appreciated.


That project will take a bunch of stuff not in your beginners kit, such as strain gauge, keypad, printer, LCD display.

I suggest you finish the kit and all the associated demo programs, and then return to this thread. That was the procedure I went through to learn the Arduino.