Help for newbie wireless project


I'm quite new to arduino but still I need to make a project that involves 7 leds connected to two ambient light sensors wireless and I would be very glad of any hints or suggestions for my project.

Brief description:

I want to make a two ambient light sensors placed in a piece of clothing to control led lights in a small box. Box can be placed quite near the clothing but clothing itself is likely to move a bit by wind of people passing by or touching the clothing. I can use arduino boards sewn into the clothing or/and arduino boards hidden inside the little box The most important factor of this project is that the clothing is NOT hooked up to the box with wires.


What kind of arduino board would you use? (lilypad, duemilenove?) What would be your choice of wireless? (xbee?) Can I make two light sensors act as one (meaning that they both have to be shadowed in order the light to turn on)?

The questions are propably quite trivial but I'm a newbie so have patience :)

Arduino board: definitely a Lilypad. They were made to be sewn into clothing. Be sure to check out some conductive fabric and thread, too! You can probably put a duemilanove (or breaduino/arduino mini, if you want small size) inside the box. Wireless: Probably xbees (2 of them). They are relatively cheap and very reliable, cheaper radios are more susceptible to interference and require heavy coding. Sensors: first figure out what analog reading corresponds to being shadowed, then just write simple code requiring both sensors be @ this threshold before transmitting commands to box.

Good Luck!