help for processing ( sending data to xbee connected to PC )

Hi there, i've been working with an xbee pro for 2 days now, as i want to be able to control devices such as servos or motors with remote or controller ( Wii, xbox etc..).
I spent some time reading all i could find on the internet, so now i am able to configure my xbee the proper way.
The only thing i would like to ask and that may sound stupid, but i cannot get any help out there, is:

as my xbee is connected to my pc (usb interface ), well recognized and configured. How do you actually proceed to what you call "processing"
that is, to get bytes from devices such as radios or remote and print them for example on terminal?
because when i'm on arduino IDE i'm not able to println the serial from the PortCom connected to the XBEE, the only one i can println is the arduino one. Do i need extra librairy in order to allow "virtual com port"??

thats very general but that is something i just don't get
thanks for your help

I don't have an Xbee but I think what u are looking for is SoftwareSerial
And with Processing I think u mean Here is a nice Tutorial to start with: Tutorial 06 for Arduino: Serial Communication and Processing - YouTube

ok thanks for your help, his videos are instructive and will help for future applications such as wireless comm.

But now, i may be wasn't really clear, what i would like to do is to receive data via the XBEE connected to (for example) COM1 , and use these data with an arduino on COM2
For instance: receiving a radio signal with the xbee on COM1, print it on a terminal ( maybe arduino IDE or XcTU) to see whats going on, and get the data ( serial read it ) with an arduino on another COM2.
is that something affordable, or serial communications on different COM port can't be handled?

( because i thought that was the way to "get" the wireless signal from a remote or any other controller, that we can see on lots of videos. and thats the only application i can do now because i have 3 xbee, but only one USB converter & no xbee shield )

well i think i was on a wrong way since i cannot use at least one xbee shield.
i decided to look for a solution to get the signal from the controller by pluging it via USB