help for project time ds1302

Hi everybody, I need your help !!! I want to make an automatic distributor food (for animals ;D ) For that I've use the DS1302 module, one lcd crystal display and an arduino uno. I succeed to get the time from my DS1302 on the arduino monitor but I don't succeed to get the time on my lcd display. I've seen a lot of programs, but they were for arduino nano, or ds1307.. :slightly_frowning_face: If someone could help me, i will be very happy !!! :D ;)

Show your program attempts for us to see what you have done.


hello, the programm is in .ino (i hope there is no error ! :wink:
maybe it’s in my wiring ?

automatic_food.ino (3.01 KB)

The shema on fritzing, i think that it can help you ! ;D