help!!!for school project. for push button board with on/off functions.
display: tri-led on when press and remained on when release
tri-led off when pressed again and remained off when release

2.coding for accelerometer adxl 335
display:when drop from a vertical height ,the accelerometer will sense it and sends it to the buzzer .
output 1:the tri -led will change from blinking red to a blinking red and blue and send to buzzer .
output 2:the tri-led will change from a green to blue blinking and send to buzzer.

3.coding for buzzer
output 1:when sense the blinking red led to red &blue blinking led
output 2:when sense the green to the blinking blue led.

ps:as i am new,pardon me if my questions may seem silly to some.and advance thanks to all.

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