Help for Serial Port

Firstly, i am sorry because i have bad language:D my problem is serial port. I want same value dont show again.

I am using GY-521 with NRF24L01 and i take value to serial port and It's constantly changing, but I do not want it. Just change when I move the sensor.

Help me..

i think, maybe i can stop that code, but doesnt work. That code:

if(gonderilenOnceki != gonderilen[0]){  

There are some other language sections if you scroll down the list of available sections.

A tiny snippet of code means very little to help troubleshoot any issues.

Also when posting sketches and error messages you should use code tags ( </> ) as the forum has a bad habit of eating characters and spitting them out as something else.

Are you just using those two components or those in conjunction with an ARDUINO ?
If in conjunction with a board then avoid pins 0 and 1 as they are most often used for serial comms.

I fixed. i dont use 0 or 1.

thank you for your help. I am new i'll get used to it.

i am using with arduino