Help for the laser detection and screening project!

Hello guys! I am quite new and I need your help for my project. I tried to find the answer but couldn't figure it out, maybe it's easy.

I want to project laser light on a surface and detect the light beam on the surface with a camera. At the same time, I want to hear a sound according to the location of the detected beam on the surface. So, when I move the laser light, the sound will change depending on the location of beam on the surface. I don't need tracking or automatic move of the laser or camera. Camera and laser light will be fixed.

So, here my question is how can I detect the laser light and hear the sound simultaneously dependent on the location of the beam. Is using only arduino enough, or do I have to use opencv as well for detection the light? and how can I connect light detection and sound?

Thank you in advance.
Have a nice day!

is using only arduino enough,

You might stand a chance with openCV but you can’t run that on an Arduino, try a Raspberry Pi.

For vision side, maybe a CMUcam5 will do the job or another option might be the Video Experimenter Shield (See the video at about 25 seconds in) but you will need to describe the project in more detail to be sure.